Fischer Installation System Solutions in India

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Proper and to the point installation remains a must to any tool. As well, the installation system should be easy and good to use. Fischer’s installation systems offer you safe and cost effective mounting and fixing elements for a wide range of applications in building services engineering. The fixing solutions offered by Fischer are designed with hot-dip galvanized, stainless steel and zinc-plated, which are suitable for light, medium-weight and heavy conduit systems.

Fischer Installation system Solutions
Installation Systems


The installation systems consists of ventilation fixings, mounting channel systems, mounting channel systems, pipe clamps, fix points, fixings for steel construction elements and an extensive range of accessories. The certification of suitability will vary as per VdS, FM and UL as well as fire protection and sound protection checks guarantee added safety.

Now, we are going to discuss about various types of installation solutions designed by Fischer.

  • Pipe Clamps 

    It is suitable for the fixing of light, medium-weight and heavy pipelines made from different materials. Fischer provides you pipe clamps without and with sound insulation inserts for the optimum fixing of pipe diameters from 8 to 508 mm. Pipe clamps with and without sound insulation inserts can be used for different thread shapes and for diverse pipeline media. The guarantee by fire protection and sound protection are additional safety. The pipe clamps are further classified into three types which are U bolt pipe hanger, single screw pipe clamps and two screw pipe clamps. It is easy to use and install. You can further find out various product variants in this pipe clamp installation system. You can explore product variants and find something for you.

Pipe Clamps
Pipe Clamps
  • Sprinkler/Universal clamps 

    Fischer FM /UL approved sprinkler clamp system can be used for fixing fire fighting pipelines with a valid load data and design. The one piece clip mounted on top allows highest permissible loads and ensures maximum safety standards.

    Sprinkler clamp
    Sprinkler clamp
  • Channel System 

    It is designed to facilitate the subsequent installation of conduits in technical building facilities, therefore saving time. It contains appropriate connectors and construction elements, which enables the creation of complex 3D supporting structures, directly secured channels for attachment parts or simple suspended support elements or for the fixing of pipe clamps. The hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel versions can be used outdoors and in highly corrosive atmospheres and zinc-plated design is suitable for installation in buildings. It is classified into channel system MS-L and channel system FUS. This is the best installation system for technical building facilities.

    Channel System
    Channel System
  • Ventilation 

    The Fischer’s ventilation systems offer the main fixing elements for the safe installation of ventilation pipes and ducts. It is classified into suspension elements and pipe clamp. You can find many variations in this installation system and hence choose the one that remains an exact fit to your industrial requirements.

  • Accessories

    Fischer’s accessories contains a wide range of accessories for installations systems. The accessories for installation systems get hold of proper connectors such as nuts, screws, washers and as well as tools for making connections to various sub frame systems and substrates. The accessories for installation systems include straps, base plates, height regulation, threaded connection and steel work connectors.

    Accessories Installation System

These are the various installation systems provided by Fischer that you can use for your needs. With no doubts, all such installation systems are designed with excellent technology and tools to make it a best fit to your needs.

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Fischer Installation System Solutions in India
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