Today, fischer is active worldwide with its four business segments: fixing systems, automotive systems, fischertechnik and process consulting. The successful growth of this company, which has been maintained over decades, and our market leadership in fixing technology are not least thanks to our innovative force. Here we understand innovation in terms of ongoing renewal. This renewal is not just limited to our products. Technical procedures, our organisation and all our business processes are also checked daily as to how we can improve them and how we can avoid unnecessary wastefulness, in order to create more benefits for our customers and for our company.

We are a family business which is managed by a member of the Fischer family. We see many advantages in this. At our company, the customers and their requirements as well as our employees – not the shareholders or the quarterly report – are seen as the measure of all things. Our thinking and our actions are oriented towards long-term objectives. Fast decision-making processes also assist us to react quickly and flexibly to changed framework conditions.

In our mission statement, we have defined those values which are obligatory for all people active within the company and which determine our actions in achieving our objectives: innovative, independent, reliable. This and the process of continuous improvement make qualified, entrepreneurial employees a prerequisite. Our biggest capital is not systems and machines, but our employees. That is why we invest heavily in training and further training.