Fischer Frame Fixing Solutions in India

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Whenever you need to install/ fix a light weight element, on different types of base materials such as concrete, solid masonry, hollow block and aerated autoclave concrete blocks for applications such as façade substructures, roof substructures, cable trays, doors and windows installation, heavy wall cabinets as well as interior fittings. The one product that can ensure all the above fixing to be done safely is Fischer SXR range of anchors. Fischer is one of the most trusted brands to ensure safe installation/ fixing.

Frame Fixings in India
Frame Fixings


Frame Fixings categories

Some of the Fischer frame fixings product offering are mentioned below:

  • Frame Fixing SXRL

    The Fischer frame fixing SXRL through the special geometry of the plug, the retention forces are evenly distributed in the drill hole and with up to three anchorage depths is approved for multiple fixings of non-structural systems. When it is to be set deep, the longer ribs prevent the plug from turning during installation. The long expansion element with multiple anchorage depths of 50, 70 and 90 mm for SXRL 8 and SXRL 10 and 70 and 90 mm for SXRL 14 makes the SXRL an extremely versatile product. The SXRL with effective lengths up to 290 mm provides the right plug for every application.

    Frame fixing SXRL
    Frame fixing SXRL


  • Frame Fixing SXR

    The Fischer frame fixing SXR is specially developed combination of plugs and screws ensures the very best handling. The plug has a noticeable hold, making installation more convenient. The special functioning allows for use in solid and hollow building materials with an anchorage depth of just 50 mm, ensuring an economical fixing. The ETA assessment covers use in a range of solid and hollow building materials, and guarantees a secure fixing. The Fischer frame fixing SXR ranges with diameters of 6, 8 and 10 mm, usable lengths up to 210 mm.


Frame fixing SXR
Frame fixing SXR


  • Hammerfix N

    Hammerfix elements are the cost-effective alternative for the quick and easy installation of sheets, cable and pipe clips, perforated tapes, sub-frame systems and wall connection or plaster profiles that do not require an approved fixing solution. Fischer offers a wide assortment of different diameters, lengths, materials and head shapes for all applications. Hammerfix elements consist of a high-quality nylon plug and a zinc-plated nail screw or a plastic nail. These are pre-mounted for a fast installation process. The Hammerfix is inserted through the attachment part in a time-saving push-through installation. When the nail screw is hammered in, the plug sleeve expands and creates a secure anchoring in the building material.

Hammerfix N
Hammerfix N

Frame additional products

High-yield gun foam Premium PUP 750 B2

The fischer gun foam PUP 750 B2 with sound and thermal insulation testing is particularly suitable for the filling, insulation and isolation of window connection joints and for the filling of door frame connection joints. The high yield of up to 55 litres reduces the number of cans needed, thus ensuring maximum economic efficiency. The low foam expansion rate during the hardening process avoids time-consuming and costly rework. The proven 61dB sound insulation fulfills the standards of modern sound insulation and helps to reduce noise. The yellowish PUP 750 B2 has a solid valve that offers top security against blockages and the loss of gas. Protective gloves for end users are included.

High-yield gun foam Premium PUP 750 B2
High-yield gun foam Premium PUP 750 B2




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