Why Firestop is Essential in Buildings?

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Either is it a redesigned building or new building, but constructing or redesigning the building against fire protection is a MUST and not matter of choice. We all know that, fire accidents in a building can bring what kind of damages. Besides causing damages to properties, the fire accidents can bring deaths to people too. This is why fire safety system should be installed in all such buildings without fail. To help you get the best fire safety system, Fischer offers you Passive Firestop System. Fischer has designed the firestop system after listening to the feedback from customer and affiliates.

Firestop Fischer

With no doubts, the Fischer’s Firestop could be a best system to protect all such buildings against fire. The fire safety system designed by Fischer is approved by both European and American standards. The complete setup of Passive firestop system comes with service penetrations, gap sealing and cavity barriers with more time saving and bespoke solutions as per industry standards.


There are two types of Fire Safety Systems which are Active Firestop system and Passive FireStop system. Let us now discuss about both the systems:

Active FireStop System

It is solely designed to react to the outbreak of the fire. This system requires water power or motion in order to work efficiently in the event of a fire. The actions may be manually operated like a hand held fire extinguisher, but it demands some amount of action to be done. The active FireStop system includes firefighters, fire or smoke alarm systems, fire extinguishers and as well as sprinkler systems. The fire or smoke alarm is used to find whether or not there is any smoke or fire in the building. Fire extinguishers and firefighters are used to help put out the fire altogether. Sprinkler systems are used to help slow down the growth of the fire.

Passive Fire Prevention System

It is built inside the fabric of the structure or building also it cannot be switched off once installed. This system compartmentalizes a building through the use of fire-resistance rated walls or floors. Compartmentalizing your building into smaller sections helps to slow down or prevent the spread of smoke or fire from one room to the next room. It actually helps to limit the damage done to a building and provides its residents a good amount of time for evacuation. The passive Firestop system includes Cavity barriers, joint systems, service penetration seals, fire doors, structural steel protection and fire partitions.

According to your needs, you can choose any Firestop system designed by Fischer. If you want to know about the Fischer’s Firestop, then you must access the Fischer’s Firestop handbook to know all the crucial things and features of the setup. The handbook of the Firestop system contains installation graphics, new products, calculation tables, solutions, and easy view index for approvals and testing. You can get in touch with Fischer’s specialists for any such clarifications or details with respect to the Firestop system.

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