Stud Anchor

What is a Stud Anchor?

Stud Anchor is exclusively made of steel rods. Furthermore, the adjacent end of the rod is threaded while the other end is necked down with a permanently attached clip. Fischer offers a diverse collection of stud anchors packaged with a washer and a nut. Stud anchors are a new-age solution with a simple mechanism that carries an exceptional holding value. Stud anchors usually come in a broadened range of diameters, specific to your needs. Fischer stud anchors are coated with different materials, all offering an enhanced performance to them.

Role of Stud Anchors

Stud anchors or fasteners are one of the most beneficial methods used for fastening applications. They are small in size and are two different concrete anchors assembled into one. These stud anchors are chiefly made of stainless steel or carbon. One of the ends of these stud anchors is quite small in diameter while the other end is threaded. A washer and nut are accordingly placed and tightened on the threads. All types of anchors have a fundamental principle- Drilling the appropriate hole, placing the anchor, and expanding its size accordingly. Stud anchors used for concrete purposes cannot be removed and are permanently placed inside the holes.

Benefits of Stud Anchors

  • Comprise an easy mechanism– Stud Anchors have a smooth yet adjustable mechanism and are extremely easy to install. These anchors are installed into pre-drilled holes due to which screwing it into the hole becomes easy.
  • Firm efficiency– Most of our stud anchors are made of stainless steel, zinc, and carbon steel to provide optimum longevity to them. All the accessories through which stud anchors are made come together to give you a secure hold. These anchors can withstand different weathers and are corrosion-free and rust-resistant.
  • A wide array of options– Fischer makes customized stud anchors of diverse materials so that you can effectively use them for different applications. Weight, size, and other factors are all adjusted according to your needs.
  • Cost-effective– Stud Anchors are excellent choices and are required only in a minimal amount to firmly use on different applications, thereby giving you a cost-effective experience.

Technical features of our Stud Anchors

All anchors offer the highest load-bearing capabilities so that you only require limited fixing points and small anchor plates. Minimal hammer blows, along with torque slippage, are required for an easy process. The stud anchors are designed with drive-in pins to provide a secure experience and prevent the threads from damaging. The anchors provide a speedy installation process.

1. FXA 8/5

  • 8mm drill diameter.
  • 9mm fixture drill hole diameter.
  • 5mm anchor length.
  • 13 mm wide across the nut.

2. GS 12/60

  • FS threaded stud is zinc-galvanized.
  • 60mm length.
  • 100 units.
  • M12 thread.

3. FBN 8/10

  • Approved by the ETA to assure maximal security.
  • 8mm drill hole diameter.
  • 66mm drill hole depth to ensure deliberate fixings.
  • 71mm anchor length.
  • M8 x 39 threads.

4. FWA 6/40

  • 6mm drill hole diameter.
  • 40mm drill hole depth to ensure comprehensive fixings.
  • 10mm width across the nut.
  • 40mm anchor length.
  • 3mm fixture thickness.

Applications of Stud Anchors

  • Steel constructions- The stud anchors are carefully placed into the construction drill holes once the foundation is laid.
  • Consoles– Stud Anchors are attached to various accessories on consoles.
  • Ladders- Stud Anchors are placed at the ladder edges for providing a firm and tight fixing.
  • Staircases– Stud Anchors help in providing the staircase edges with support. These are attached to different accessories and work together for maximal security.
  • Additional– Stud Anchors are used in an array of applications such as gates, facades, consoles, cable trays, and machines.

To sum up,

Fischer aims to offer exclusive products for construction purposes. They are devoted to innovating enhanced, modified, and efficient products to ease your construction experience.

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