Reinforcement Bar Fixing

Every building construction using concrete must use steel bars for constructing the skeleton and framework of the same. Steel bars of various sizes and diameters are used to achieve the required strength to hold the concrete structure together.

In the process of creating the required structure, columns, pillars, and beams constructed have to use steel bars which are interlinked or connected to each other. This interconnection of different steel types of steel bars is inherently termed as Rebar Fixing in the technical terms of Civil and structural engineering.

Normally 6 – 8 long steel rods are arranged in the shape of a cuboid by using another set of steel bent into the shape of a rectangle. Each point of contact is individually interconnected using steel wires, often called tie wires.

This work of designing the bars and their fixing points together is done by skilled engineers and masons, making every bit of a tiny calculation by themselves manually. The tie wire is wound around the joint in a criss-cross manner and then twisted together to give it the strength required. The design in itself is a tiresome procedure and takes a lot of time to be achieved with precision. Not to mention the laborious work of marking the points and rebar fixing, which can only be done by skilled laborers.


Fixing reinforcement bars to existing pillars and concrete structures is termed as rebar fixing. With the advancement in technology, increased manufacturing capability, and strength of materials, everything which was supposed to be done manually can be now automated.

The Fischer group of companies has sought out to do the exact same thing. It has developed a wide array of rebar fixing equipment and services ranging from steel fixing to chemical fixing and even a software named REBAR-FIX that is a dedicated Computer-aided design software curated with the sole purpose of designing post-construction reinforcement bar fixing to an existing structure.

For heavy-duty concrete anchoring and fixing, high-grade steel screws and anchors and bolts combined with various high-quality drills have been carefully designed and created by Fischer to be used in all types of applications.

The software, REBAR-FIX, allows engineers to design and implement with ease. The addition of additional reinforcement to existing buildings and structures using the software’s CAD abilities is exceptional. This software is available to all at a nominal fee and can make the life of a design engineer a lot simpler and easier. Its basic and most advanced main function is to design post-installed rebar connections in reinforced concrete engineering.


  • Rebar-Fixing has numerous applications in real life. To take into account, numerous buildings and structures have been constructed using rebar-fixing.
  • It is a set of steel bars or meshes of steel wires used to provide support in reinforced concrete and reinforced cement masonry structures to strengthen and help the concrete under stress.
  • It is essential and widely used in the extension of buildings after the completion of construction. Building an attached new block or extending the car-porch can be a few examples.
  • Rebar-Fixing is used to help concrete withstand tension forces. Concrete is adequately strong against squeezing forces by nature, but tension and stress forces can crack it.
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