Nylon Anchor

Nylon Anchor is a light-weight expansion of nail for solid workmanship and hollow wall constructions. It is pre-assembled by positioning, the configuration of the extension nail used in the nylon anchor is such that it can be withdrawn if necessary.

As a quality-driven business, Fischer is committed to providing a high-quality range of Nylon Anchor Fixings. Available in different dimensions, the tool in question is used to repair different wall components. It has a high load-bearing capacity and is manufactured with precision to ensure smooth application.

It has a small hole across the top of the nail to handle a thin screwdriver tip. When twisted in the anti-clockwise direction by a screwdriver, the nail will be wound back out of the nylon jacket. It helps the claw hammer by sticking under the protruding head of the nail and taking out the nylon jacket. Having completely removed the extension pin, you can now force out the nylon anchor body.

Suitable for Concrete, medium weight Sand-Lime, solid bricks, solid and perforated Pumice, Gypsum, natural stone, and Plasterboards.

Product Specifications

Quantity per packCustomized
MaterialBrass, Iron, or Plastic
  • Fischer Universal plug UX 6 x 35 without rim.
Drill hole diameter         d0          6              [mm]
Min. drill hole depthh145           [mm]
Min. panel thicknessdp9.5          [mm]
Anchor lengthl35           [mm]
Wood and chipboard screwsds / ds x ls           4 – 5       [mm]  
Amount                              10000    Unit(s) 
GTIN (EAN Code)                             4006209915981   
  • Fischer Universal plug UX 14 x 75 without rim.
Drill hole diameter                         d0                          14           [mm]  
Min. drill hole depth      h1                          95           [mm]  
Anchor length   l               75           [mm]
Wood and chipboard screws                               ds / ds x ls           10 – 12   [mm]
Amount                               20          Unit(s) 
GTIN (EAN Code)                                             4006209627570   

Other features

  • Plug retains in all materials used in the construction.
  • Plug builds on sturdy building materials.
  • Safety of installation with anti-rotation lock.
  • Nylon body plug for a better quality of life and durability.
  • Simple sled setting with a hammer- screwdriver not necessary.
  • Optimum efficiency in terms of electrical insulation, high pressure, and tensile strength.
  • Anti-rotation barbs prevent rotation of the anchor inside the cavity.
  • Nylon sleeve eliminates cold bridging compared to metal fasteners and also supports shear power.
  • Resistant to chemical exposure.


The nylon anchor, without rim, is ideal for deployment at push-through. Turning on the screw allows the nylon anchor to stretch and knot within the cavity in the solid building material. The required length of the screw is given by the length of the plug + fixing thickness + 1x diameter of the screw.

The threadless portion of the screw should not be longer than the fixture in the case of board building materials, and the nylon anchor with a rim should be used in such cases. The gap to the edge must be at least one hole long.


  • For installations in interior construction work.
  • Timber or metal door and window frames are simple and easy to repair with nylon anchors.
  • Its basic operating principle (knotting or expanding) allows for using it with all materials of solid, hollow, or board material. Therefore, a nylon anchor is the best option for unknown base materials.
  • The angled attachment ridges of the nylon anchor allow for optimum guidance to the screw. Serrated anti-rotation locks keep the drill hole from spinning out. This guarantees the greatest possible installation safety.
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