Facade Clamp

What is a Facade Clamp?

Facade Clamp is a new-age, effective solution for several outer bolted glass assemblies, thereby securing the glazing to a versatile support structure with the help of point-fixings. Fischer designs top-notch architectural properties that blend to provide an effective outcome. Facade Clamps, in brief, offer an aesthetically-pleasing look with a crystal-clear design, fixed points, and tempered glass, along with impeccable security of the applications. Facade Clamps are traditionally used for commercial purposes, such as offices. Facade clamps secure your construction tools and fabrications with a durable foundation.

The functioning of Facade Clamp

Fischer facade clamps are the one-stop solution for a time-conserving and cost-effective pipe calming process. These clamps play an indispensable role in fixing conduits that are made of plastic, metal, and cables. Most of these clamps are pre-mounted for optimum support to the application. All clamps consist of varied adjustable properties to align the conduit’s outer diameter, along with acting as a fixing aid. Due to this, you won’t require additional accessories like Chanel nuts and threaded rods, thereby saving you money and energy. Facade Clamps are designed specifically according to the needs of the applications to appropriately work their magic as fixings.

Benefits of Facade Clamps, The funtioning of Façade Clamps, Applications of Façade Clamps

  • Facade clamps are flexible accessories that allow an adaptable adjustment for suiting the diameter of the outer pipe.
  • Most facade clamps are implemented with a sound insulation feature that offers 100% sound protection, along with preventing contact corrosion.
  • Clamps consisting of a connecting nut blended with combination thread offer enhanced mounting positioning.
  • Most clamps comprise a tight and firm fit to prevent it from falling while aligning the pipe.
  • All clamps are designed with precise temperature range, material, connecting nut, finish, locking screw, hardness, and fire behavior to give you a modified outcome.

Technical Data

Fischer offers a variety of facade clamps. The clamps are electro zinc-plated to avoid falling prey to corrosion and stay rust-free. They are designed to provide rapid-locking and brisk-installation process.

1. FRS Triple 15-19

  • The size of this product is 3/8 inches.
  • The clamping range of the product is 15-19.
  • The height of the product is 53mm.
  • The width of the product is 61mm.
  • This product consists of an M5 locking screw.

2. FRSM 6’’

  • The size of this product is 6 inches.
  • The clamping range of this product is 164-169mm.
  • The width of the product is 222.9 mm.
  • The height of the product is 214mm.
  • The product consists of an M8 locking screw.

3. FRSM 1 1/5

  • The size of this product is 1 1/2 inch.
  • The clamping range of the product is 47-52.
  • The width of the product is 105mm
  • The length of the product is 86mm.
  • The product consists of an M6 locking screw.

4. FRSM 159-165

  • The size of the product is 159-165mm.
  • The length of the product is 191mm.
  • The width of the product is 203mm.
  • The clamping range of the product is 159-165mm.
  • The product consists of an M6 locking screw.

Applications of Facade Clamp

  • Facade clamps are used for composite panels. They are designed with two distinctive covering layers, along with stable and firm core material to provide solid Suffolk to composite panels.
  • Facade clamps are a vital accessory for simplified fixings of different pipelines consisting of threaded rods and hanger bolts.
  • These types of clamps are typically used for the brisk installation of plastic and metal pipes.
  • They are used for maximal flexibility of plastic pipes and cables, free of sound installation.

Fischer is a leading company aiming to broaden its horizons for a new approach towards construction services. They are a pioneer in the innovation of new-age and enhanced products to offer maximal firmness, security, and efficiency to different applications.

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