Chemical Anchors

What are Chemical Anchors?

Chemical Anchors are accessories used as fastening bolts for concrete and comparatively offer more extensive adaptability than other anchors. Chemical anchors or chemical studs play a vital role in construction sites. They are placed at the concrete substrate edges, along with masonry blocks.

Chemical anchors comprise an expanding property that comparatively minimizes concrete cracking. These types of anchors are exceptional for using on rails, concrete stairs, shallower slabs, and similar substrates. Chemical anchoring, in brief, minimizes potential risks while securing different construction substrates. Moreover, chemical anchors, unlike mechanical anchors, can help make flexible adjustments to the alignment of the studs.

How do they work?

While using Chemical anchors, a distinctive epoxy is injected before inserting the stud. The chemical works to fill the prominent gaps of the stud. The hole becomes airtight and provides it with additional adhesive property for making it more sturdy and accessible. Concrete anchoring is one of the most fundamental tasks performed in a construction site. Chemical anchoring generally consists of two different installation steps.

  • Hole preparation- Initially, drilling the hole to an appropriate and precise depth is essential. Next, all the holes are cleaned thoroughly to eliminate debris wax, dirt, and oil.
  • Dispensing- After deliberately cleaning the hole, one should carefully insert the epoxy through a systematic procedure, along with mixing the chemical properly.

Variants offered by Fischer

Fischer offers a diverse range of chemical anchors, as per the necessities and the application type. All these anchors are distinctively designed to provide maximal benefit and security to the user.

  • Injection Systems: These are non-messy injectors designed to make the holes airtight for proper security and a strong foundation.
  • Chemical capsules and adhesives: Fischer offers a broadened range of customized and verified chemical adhesives specifically designed for optimum efficiency and filling extensively large holes.
  • Chemical Anchor fixings: Anchor fixings and fasteners are low-volume fixings and come in diverse configurations and materials for strengthening construction substrates.

Technical Data

Most of the anchors are bonded with threaded rods to provide an effective and brisk installation procedure. From pre-portioned resins to internally threaded anchors, Fischer provides everything you require. One of the most assured factors of their products is that they are designed to enhance the applications along with safeguarding your employees.

1. Resin capsule RM II 10

  • RM II 10 is approved by the ETA and is thus a certified product for using on your construction applications.
  • It has a 12mm drill hole diameter.
  • 90mm drill hole depth.
  • This product is ideally designed as an internal-threaded anchor.
  • 90mm anchorage depth.

2. Injection mortar FIS HB 345 S

  • This product is ETA certified to assure the maximal safety of the users.
  • Accessories included are 2 FIS MR plus and 360 ml single cartilage.
  • Available in 6 different languages on the cartilage such as EN, DE, NL, CS, ES, and FR.

3. Injection mortar FIS EM Plus 390 S

  • This product is verified by ETA and offers remarkable efficiency.
  • 6 different languages for maximal convenience- EN, CS, DE, ES, FR, and NL.
  • Accessories included are- 390ml cartilage, along with 2 FIS MR plus.

Applications of Chemical Anchors

Most often, different types of anchoring are installed in heavy-load bearing and critical construction sites. The exceptional high-bond systems are successful in obtaining the highest bond values. Due to this, only limited points and small anchor plates will be required. The variants can primarily be used for-

  • Steel constructions
  • Guard rails
  • Staircases
  • Column bases
  • Machines
  • Masts
  • Removable fixings
  • Temporary fixings, e.g., for machines
  • Scaffold anchoring

Chemical Anchors unquestionably secure an efficient foundation on different applications. View the range of variants of Fischer to understand how effectively their chemical anchors work to help you make a secure foundation for construction purposes.

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