Anchor Fastener

Anchor Fasteners by Fischer are efficient and sophisticated anchor bolts designed to support different structures, small and big. They offer a broadened range of variants such as FAZ II 8/10, FAZ II 8/10 A4, FAZ II 8/30, FAZ II 8/30 A4, and much more, designed to support challenging structures. It can be used to fix the bulky types of equipment into the opened concrete with the help of the steel anchor. The expansion clip and other features of these anchor bolts play a crucial role in fixing different structures.

The most remarkable quality of anchor fasteners is that it has a flexible mechanism that supports the load through the concrete in an enhanced and secure manner. The stainless steel bolts come handy for fixing different loads across rough areas. Different steel anchor fasteners are suitable for constructing different pieces of equipment. What makes Fischer anchor fasteners distinctive is that they all offer top-grade efficiency to construct and secure structures and columns.

Technical Data

Given below is product-specific technical Data of the anchor fasteners featured by Fischer.

1. FSA-B

  • 12mm Drill hole diameter.
  • 90mm minimum depth drill hole for through fixing.
  • 96mm anchor length.
  • M 10 thread.
  • 25mm maximum thickness of the fixture.
  • 17mm width across the nut.


  • It is approved by ETA.
  • Approved by ICC.
  • C1 seismic approval.
  • 8 diameter drill hole.
  • 75mm anchor length.
  • 13mm width across the nut.

3. FBZ

  • 75mm anchor length.
  • ETA approved.
  • 70mm minimum depth of drill hole for deliberate fixings.
  • 35mm reduced anchor depth.
  • M8 x 38 thread.
  • 45mm standard anchor length.

Benefits of Anchor Fastener

  • It can be used in confined spaces, giving engineers a user-friendly installation experience.
  • The design of the anchor gives you the maximal benefit of using distinct head shapes for adaptable design solutions, such as bolt version including nut and washer (type B) and Hexagon head (type S).
  • The removable fastener connection provides for surface removal.
  • Stable and reliable function with easy installation.
  • Two Anchorage depths to offer more versatility in the application.
  • Zinc-plated steel and stainless steel anchor fastener for secure yet efficient performance.


Anchor Fastener can be used for regular applications, along with challenging engineering components. Fischer offers a multitude of fasteners, including nails, chemical anchors, anchor bolts, mechanical anchors, cast-in, fast fasteners, and much more. Each of the anchor fasteners is designed for a distinctive purpose and can be used for an array of constructions. A few of the applications of the anchor bolts are as follows.

  • Distinctively designed anchor fasteners for using on light poles, massive and bulky tools, and other similar constructions. The bolts are specifically designed to give a sturdy and strong finish to the constructions.
  • Plate anchors, on the other hand, comprise a double end rod design that can be fixed to an additional anchor fastener. These sort of anchor fasteners are traditionally used in vital construction sites such as highway columns, and other similar applications.
  • The round bar steel anchor fasteners are swedged on the adjacent end and threaded on the other. They are swedged so that the concrete can pass through these anchor fasteners. These types of bolts are commonly used for piers and girders.
  • Squarehead anchor fasteners specialize in supporting massive structures such as building railings, structural columns, and light poles.

In a nutshell, Fischer designs anchor fasteners for timber constructions, facades, staircases, machines, ladders, steel constructions, consoles, guard rails, cable trays, and gates. Fischer is a leading company aiming to come up with innovative and systematized products for providing an adaptable and secure experience to the user.

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