Advanced Curtain Wall Technique (ACT)

About Advanced Curtain Wall Technique (ACT)

At Fischer, Advanced Curtain Wall Technique (ACT) comes along with a creative and top-notch system inclusive of the fixing of ventilated exteriors of buildings. Architects and engineers choose this technique over others, not just for its economic worth, but for the significant scope for creativity it offers, apart from an easy working model.

ACT involves the making of exterior boards out of ashlar (20mm thickness) or out of glass plates such as TVG and ESG (6mm glass thickness). Moreover, one can easily position the fixing anchor wherever they wish to on the panel’s back and also exchange boards without much difficulty. ACT makes fixing reveal panels an effortless and manageable task.

Technical Data

The ACT comprises three systems.

  1. SystemOne: SystemOne constitutes an integral part and is a substructure of Fischer’s Advanced Curtain Wall Technique system. The design of SystemOne is such that it can manage heavy loads, large stone panels, and link structural elements. At the time of renovation, one can note how SystemOne reduces noise and enables the smooth replacement of panels.

  2. SystemOne Light: To install ventilated facades made out of lightweight exterior boards, SystemOne Light would be the best option. SystemOne Light is a rail-based system and has a host of benefits.

    They are:

  3. The hook and hang system allows speedy installation 
  4. Makes anchoring point invisible within a joint
  5. The design can manage heavy loads
  6. It can link structural elements, non-bearing in nature
  7. Facilitates over-cladding of constructions (steel-frame)
  8. Can fix reveal panels with surprising ease
  9. Ensures replacement of exterior boards without causing any damage

The wall bracket system guarantees:

  • Minimizing of cold bridges
  • Reduction of drilling costs
  • Noise-reduction during renovation
  • Dry installing, notwithstanding the temperature
  • Glass point fixing (with an undercut): With its trailblazing technology, the ACT drilling technique is attracting architects by the minute. The entire system is based on a drilled hole and anchor, which helps in the task of drilling undercut holes. Fischer has an array of machines, be it portable ones for onsite use or large-scale purposes, in varied sizes. These machines, with their diamond-tipped tools, can promote speedy and cost-efficient hole-drilling. Following the drilling, the settling tools can help fix the anchor into the boards. At ACT Competence Center, for drilling and setting, you get to rent or purchase machinery from a wide variety, be it for small-scale or large-scale purposes, and you are guaranteed suggestions from experts to help you in the final selection of machine.

The approval by the German Institute for Building Technology for the FZP-G (Fischer Zykon point fitting) makes it possible to use it irrespective of consent in specific instances for intricate glass exteriors. With the undercut technique, Fischer has created the first glass point fixing, in the world, with stainless steel, in which the hole does not infiltrate the glass. The smooth glass exteriors reduce susceptibility to cleaning necessities and provide the architect with an expansive space for designing.


The Fischer Advanced Curtain Wall Technique (ACT) facilitates the designing of attractive, compact exteriors in a simple and cost-efficient manner, which is made possible by the FZP II, the Fischer Zykon Panel anchor. The FZP II is an undercutting system, flexible and void of tension, usually fit into a pre-drilled undercut cavity.

Unlike conventional fittings, this state-of-the-art technology ensures the smooth management of heavy loads by a higher degree. As opposed to traditional fixings, it offers an option of optimizing the anchor position, by which the bending angle within the board can be manipulated, reducing it by about 50%. One can exploit this opportunity of manipulating the angle to the maximum, as it can aid in the reduction of the board’s thickness by making it larger. Not to forget, it’s quite easy to compensate for the varying thickness of the board by making use of any of the stand-off anchor varieties.

Advanced Curtain Wall Technique (ACT) combines distinct substructures, board anchors, and minute drilling technology seamlessly. This ability of ACT makes it one of a kind, as ACT propagates the ease and simplicity in installations on the construction site without any hassles. By facilitating dry installation, ACT ensures the non-interference of all weather conditions. The construction time is unequivocally reduced, and so are the expenses.

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