Chemical Anchors

What are Chemical Anchors? Chemical Anchors are accessories used as fastening bolts for concrete and comparatively offer more extensive adaptability than other anchors. Chemical anchors or chemical studs play a vital role in construction sites. They are placed at the concrete substrate edges, along with masonry blocks. Chemical anchors comprise an expanding property that comparatively […]

Stud Anchor

What is a Stud Anchor? Stud Anchor is exclusively made of steel rods. Furthermore, the adjacent end of the rod is threaded while the other end is necked down with a permanently attached clip. Fischer offers a diverse collection of stud anchors packaged with a washer and a nut. Stud anchors are a new-age solution […]

Reinforcement Bar Fixing

Every building construction using concrete must use steel bars for constructing the skeleton and framework of the same. Steel bars of various sizes and diameters are used to achieve the required strength to hold the concrete structure together. In the process of creating the required structure, columns, pillars, and beams constructed have to use steel […]

Everything You Need to Know About Pipe Clamp

About Pipe Clamp A pipe clamp is best defined as the support mechanism for suspended pipes. It ensures that all pipes are firmly sealed, while also enabling any future pipe movement or expansion. Pipe clamp comes in many variations as the pipe fixing specifications can vary from basic anchoring to more complicated pipe movement scenarios […]

Nylon Anchor

Nylon Anchor is a light-weight expansion of nail for solid workmanship and hollow wall constructions. It is pre-assembled by positioning, the configuration of the extension nail used in the nylon anchor is such that it can be withdrawn if necessary. As a quality-driven business, Fischer is committed to providing a high-quality range of Nylon Anchor […]

Mechanical Anchor

What are Mechanical anchors? They are a type of anchor bolts which uses a force-transfer mechanism harnessed by friction and other expansion forces to join or connect different types of non-structural and structural components to concrete. Mechanical anchors can further be categorized into torque-controlled anchors and displacement controlled anchors. Mechanical anchors secure their hold by […]

Facade Technology/Technologies

Everybody puts their heart and soul into visualizing their home or their building. It’d be an absolute shame to let anything ruin the structural integrity of your home. How will you feel safe inside your house, if you don’t take measures to fix the problems that burden it? While visualization and construction are an integral […]

Facade Clamp

What is a Facade Clamp? Facade Clamp is a new-age, effective solution for several outer bolted glass assemblies, thereby securing the glazing to a versatile support structure with the help of point-fixings. Fischer designs top-notch architectural properties that blend to provide an effective outcome. Facade Clamps, in brief, offer an aesthetically-pleasing look with a crystal-clear […]

Facade Anchor

About Façade Anchors Facade anchors are plastic anchors used accordingly for multiple structural fastenings or embedding of non-supporting structures. The anchors are suitable for all growing substrates and are distinguished by specifically developed expansion zones. Facade anchors are used for binding the concrete to objects or structures. Facade anchors consist of a threaded end, to […]

Chair Clamp

About the Product Fischer is a leading name with expertise in fabrication, manufacture, and export of the Chair Clamp, manufactured using top-quality steel. Fischer delivers this chair clamp in varying sizes and styles. The commodity passes through various quality controls to ensure optimal efficiency and impeccability. Technical Data Chair Clamp is a heavy-duty metalworking & […]

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